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Tutorial Tintura Capelli :

If you want to make yourself a hair dye but do not want to go to the hairdresser, then choose online one of the many hair dye tutorials. Many girls, maybe some hairdressers others do not, show you online and for free how to make yourself home a wonderful hair dye, getting with very little money a great result, almost as if you had gone to the hairdresser. In fact, just a little dexterity and the right products to make yourself a hair dye at home, certainly maybe there will be no hair tutorials on how to make sunstrokes or balayage or shatush because they are complex things that only a professional hairdresser can do , but a simple hair titint that covers your white hair is also possible to do DIY, thanks to simple and short tutorials online. A well-made hair dye tutorial begins by showing how to protect clothes and skin from the accidental fall of the hair dye that you have chosen to use, the same tutorial will then explain how to apply the product starting from the roots and going down to the Tips. Often the hair dye tutorials also focus on buying the right shade to choose from starting from the base color of our hair and the oxygen of the gradation needed to achieve the fixed result.

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